How are you going to cope? This was the question my family and friends asked me when I discovered firstly that I was expecting triplets and secondly that I had multiple sclerosis. I had no great answers.

My wonderful health visitor introduced me to HomeStart Glasgow South and very quickly I had a volunteer who came to our home once a week for two to three hours.

Our volunteer stayed with us for over two years. It was valuable support, particularly in enabling us to get out of the house in the early days as we could not find a triplet buggy that was practical for the area we lived in.

My sons were born in 2006. After a year’s maternity leave I returned to work in a part-time capacity, however, in 2010 I left my job in international cultural relations and founded my own training business, specialising in cultural intelligence and internationalisation.

When I saw the advert seeking volunteer Trustees I jumped at the chance. It was an opportunity to contribute to an organisation that had supported me when I needed it.

I can bring my experience of being in a family which received support along with my business and career experience, which has included contributing to a number of business boards. Of particularly interest to me are aspects related to working in and serving a diverse community and how we ensure that our volunteers and staff have the cultural intelligence to serve our community well. What I love about being a volunteer on the Board is contributing to a team that has been growing and expanding their services and reaching out to engage other parents who would value the excellent support that HomeStart Glasgow South provides; support that enables parents in our communities to cope.
Lucy Butters