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You can begin your journey as a Home-Start Glasgow South Volunteer by completing the online application form below. This gives us a chance to learn a little about you, and gives you an opportunity to tell us why you’d like to get involved.

Our Criteria

To be considered for a volunteering role with us, we have some simple criteria points you must be able to meet…

Parenting Experience

You MUST be a parent, or have some parenting experience

Weekly Commitment

You MUST be able to commit 2-3 hours each week to support a family

Ongoing Commitment

You MUST be able to commit to volunteering for at least 1 year
We ask this to ensure our volunteers are able to relate to the challenges parenthood brings, and through regular, structured contact with their family, are able to build a strong and dependable relationship.
If you can say yes to these, please continue and complete the form below…

About Your Application

First we’ll ask some basic questions about yourself, followed by a few about your parenting, professional and personal experiences. After that there are some more sensitive questions which relate to a disclosure check, which due to the nature of our work, all volunteers are required to undertake.
Before you begin, please review the Volunteer Role Description and  application form to see all the questions and ensure you have the required information to hand.
If at any point you require some assistance, please give us a call on 0141 570 8735, or ask us a question via the link below…

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About You

To start with, we'd like to get some basic details about you, and find out why you'd like to join us. Please complete the following and click continue....

Your Full Name

Your Full Address, including postcode

Your Telephone Number(s)

Your Email

Which of the following best describes you?

What sort of Volunteering are you interested in doing?

What is your first spoken language?

If you speak any more languages, please list them here.

After reading our Volunteer Role Description (located in the main menu), can you tell us in a few sentences why you feel you would make a good volunteer, and from a personal perspective, what you hope to gain from taking on the role.

Your Experience

We'd like to find out more about your own experiences, through employment, volunteering and personally. Please complete the following as fully as possible.

Which of the following best describes your current employment?

Have you any skills or personal/work experiences that you would like to tell us about which may be relevant to your role as a volunteer for Home-Start Glasgow South? It is NOT essential that you answer these questions, but it may help us when thinking about a family to match you with. Please tick all that apply.

Your Skills

Your personal/work experience

Please tell us about any relevant employment or volunteering experience you may have, beginning with the most recent. In this section please include: 1) The organisation you worked with 2) Your position 3) When you worked there (and for how long) 4) A brief description of your role. For each position you tell us about, please use a new paragraph.

This section relates to the PVG Disclosure check which all Home-Start Glasgow South volunteers undergo. It is essential that you answer these questions as honestly as possible.


Candidates are required to disclose any unspent convictions or cautions and any spent convictions for offences included in Schedule A1, ‘OFFENCES WHICH MUST ALWAYS BE DISCLOSED’ of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (Exclusions and Exceptions) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2105.


Candidates are not required to disclose spent convictions for offences included in Schedule B1, ‘OFFENCES WHICH ARE TO BE DISCLOSED SUBJECT TO RULES’ until such time as they are included in a higher level disclosure issued by Disclosure Scotland.

For further information contact Disclosure Scotland at

If you would like to discuss this section with a member of staff before completion, please call us on 0141 570 8735, and ask to speak with our Senior Coordinator, Susan Johnstone.

Have you had any personal contact with Social Work Services in connection with children in your care? Have any of your children been place on a child protection register, subject of a supervision order, integrated/common assessment framework?

Do you consider yourself to have a disability or health condition? If so, please provide details below, and let us know what adjustments we can make to ensure volunteering with us is as easy as possible for you.

Have you ever been dismissed from any paid or voluntary work?

Have you ever been arrested or had contact with the police for any type of criminal offence?

Are there any matters outstanding which may lead to a criminal prosecution?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, please give details here. If you do not declare existing or spent cautions or convictions you may not be selected. However, if you declare any of the above it may still be possible to become a volunteer.


The information you give in this section will not be used for volunteer selection purposes.

It helps us to get an overall picture of our volunteer team in comparison with the families we support and the communities we work in. Although this section is optional, we would really appreciate your participation as it can often assist in funding bids and awareness raising.

Your Age

Your Gender

Your Sexual Orientation

Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

If Yes, please give details here

Your housing situation

Are you a British Citizen/National of the European Economic Area?

Do you have the right of residence in the UK?

Are you an Asylum Seeker?

Your Nationality

Your Religion

One last thing...

How did you hear about Home-Start Glasgow South?

Please read and agree the following statement before submitting your application

As volunteers are in a privileged position visiting families in their own homes and have contact with young children, Home-Start has a responsibility to ensure that no one becomes a volunteer who would misuse this trust. Therefore, it is essential that you agree to the following four statements.

1) I give permission for Home-Start Glasgow South to carry out PVG check at enhanced level.

2) I understand that I will need to produce ID for identification purposes including address verification.

3) I understand that Home-Start may hold personal information about me in paper records and on their computer, including sensitive information such as age, race, sex and disabilities that they will use for their monitoring purposes. I agree to them holding this information and understand that it may be shared with Home-Start UK for Quality Assurance, evaluation and monitoring purposes.

4) I understand that I may ask to see my records at any time.

As you will be joining the Protection of Vulnerable Groups scheme, detail of any criminal convictions or cautions found will be passed onto to Home-Start Glasgow South. Therefore it is important that you highlight any issues we need to be aware of on your application form (contained within the previous section of this form).

If something is highlighted on your disclosure we will discuss this with you in confidence. Following the meeting a decision will be made whether we can proceed with your application.

If you have any concerns regarding the above statements, or anything else contained in this form, and would like to discuss them with us, please call us on 0141 570 8735 and ask to speak with our Senior Coordinator, Susan, who will be happy to help.